The Hugmobile just celebrated her 10th birthday.

She was born in a Winnibago factory in 1983.
Reborn as the Hugmobile in 2007.

She was painted pink.

GriffinOne painted the wings.

Grandpa Caleb's ashes were mixed into the paint.

Then she went on a west coast tour. (scroll down for vids)

Fuzzy Pink Love  
Inside and out, Huggy is nothing but LOVE.
The Magical West Coast Hug Tour of 2007
After Grandpa Caleb died, someone suggested that, "Hug Nation was bound to Caleb's cocoon (what he called his room at his retirement village) because of his frailty. Now that he is free, why not take Hug Nation on the road?"
Within a week of the suggestion I had purchased two weeks of the suggestion, I owned a 1983 Winnibago.

The first videos tell the tale of the aquisition & transformation of the mighty steed. The remaining are reports from my journey with co-pilot, Spotman.

An old RV is an excercise in Surrender.

The Hugmobile has had her share of ailments.
But she's currently running strong...and loving stronger. 
See you at the next event...or on the road!
Dancing on top of The Hugmobile (under a rainbow) at Burning Man 2007, an hour after placing Grandpa's ashes in the temple